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Posted by augielicious on 2006.07.18 at 21:17
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Current Music: Free - Sean Groves
Forget president, I'm running for Parliament! 

Augie for Parliament!

Posted by augielicious on 2006.04.21 at 19:39
I have decided to bring our cause, and this community back to life. The page is looking sweet. Well..at least you can read everything! Feel free to make any suggestions.

Jump on board mates! All hands on deck! Swab the poopdeck!

Posted by augielicious on 2004.11.03 at 13:47
Current Mood: highhigh


That was awesome.

Posted by augielicious on 2004.10.06 at 16:27
Current Mood: deviousdevious
Current Music: James Bond theme
Augie really is going to President!!

Of course all of you already knew that, but there are those in the world that are less accepting of my overwhelming odds. They refuse to accept the fact that everbody just falls over when they look at me. Well my friends, we'll just have to win them over a different kind of way.

As it turns out, one of Augie's main campaign targets right now, the Maple homeschooling Co-op thingy, (as they like to call themselves)is having their first ever "Maple elections" this year, courtesy of Mr. Fisher's U.S. Government class. Anywho..Augie (who is ME!) is a member of the Maplean party, who have nominated Andy Fisher and Matt Mills for President and Vice President for their candidates. Go figure. But right now you're probably thinking, "Wait just a minute! Why the heck are Andy and Matt running? I thought this was about Augie~KOLIPOKI!!" And my friend, nothing has changed. This is just yet another one of Augie's amazing tactics.

You see, through the Fisher/Mills Campaign, Augie will be able to gain even more momentum for her magnificent launch into the world. This way those who are less willing to band with us now will be able to really see what we're all about. So remember, a vote for Fisher/Mills is really a vote for Augie~KOLIPOKI!!!

Posted by recklessnova on 2004.08.20 at 15:04
I don't know if any of you have been watching those campaign commercials, but John Kerry has some pretty good ones. They've got all this motivational music that makes you wanna stand up and put your hand over your heart or something. Now my opinion is, if he can talk about all the silly stuff he's gonna do when he gets in office and be convincing only because of his motivational music, then we have nothing to lose! All we need is some good music, and we can talk about all the very non-silly things we plan to do. So, here's my plan. Since we probably can't afford to have some original music written out for us by a professional composer we'll just do it ourselves. Since megs plays sax and I play violin, she and I will get together and compose some emotional/motivational jams. We can have Cess and Erin do a mime to it, then Augie and me can do our "we approve of this message" thing. It will be sweet.

WHO'S WITH ME!?!?!?!

Posted by augielicious on 2004.08.16 at 17:03
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Ok people. First of all, this community is pathetically neglected. And yes, I know it's my fault just as much as anyone else's, so that's why I going to give this thing everything I've got to get it up and going until it's flying so high nobody can catch it. :-P

So to give you peeps something to do, we need a campaign song. Of course we already have several, but we need something official. Also we are in desperate (Ok, a little exageration here?) need for anything else related to our campaign, as elecion time is drawing precariously nearer, even as we speak (or read).

Suggestions? Anyone? GET TO WORK!!!

Cuz this commuinty is to cute for words....

Posted by cess on 2004.07.05 at 16:07
Cuz this commuinty is to cute for words I've elected myself head of election campane person. (I forgot what thouse people are called) Anyways I'm going to mass spam every commuinty I know and advertize this commuinty. If you would also like to help me do this I've made it very easy to spred this banner I made advertize this commuinty. Just copy and paste the code everywhere!! (the stuff in the text box area)

Code for our banner...

What it will look like...

Posted by augielicious on 2004.07.02 at 18:05
Current Mood: weirdweird
Current Music: The Pirates who don't do Anything/Veggie Tales!!!!
Yes I know it's taking me forever to do anything with this thing, but hey! No really people, we need to get this thing outta here and going places. I know you are all very dedicated to this cause, so c'mon already and do something about it!! Yea, I love you too.

So anyway, as promised, here is "The Story of KOLIPOKI"...

(Applause, applause) Yes, thank you. Thank you very much.

And know ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, our feature presentation...

KOLIPOKI: The second half of Augie, or so we think...Collapse )

And so the great duo lives, on tirelessly campaigning to save the world.

Posted by winged_me on 2004.05.02 at 12:15
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Dude... this community rocks

just to throw something out, www.bushin30seconds.org


Posted by augielicious on 2004.04.30 at 16:10

Now would somebody please make a post in here or something like that? I can make a KOLIPOKI update later. Go to the info page if you need any help on exactly what I'm talking about. And for goodness sakes, start spreading this thing around!!!

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